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Website Proposal Template

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Set your new website project up for success by creating a plan to build a new or facelift an existing website.

  • 15 professionally designed PowerPoint slides (editable).
  • A proven process, compelling graphics and sample text.
  • Download now to intelligently build a website from a plan that supports business objectives.

Download the Website Proposal Planning Template to set your website project up for success.

The processes that are shared to build a Website Proposal have been tested at Fortune 1000 companies, start-ups and are used in an advanced marketing class taught at the executive MBA level.

4.00 out of 5

Product Description

Website Proposal Template

The Website Proposal Template is designed for Marketer’s to set a website project up for success by creating a plan to build or rebuild a website.  Yes, it’s best practice to build a plan to build a website.

By creating a website proposal  an organization will minimize the amount of time and money spent on undoing and redoing things that were not thought properly thought through from the start.

State the business objectives in your website proposal clearly and define the goals of the initiative—to be valid, they must be straightforward, obtainable, measurable and have the support of all stakeholders who have a vested interest in the success of the initiative.  Many companies that skip the website proposal phase tend to rush into a home page design and focus on colors, pop-ups, roll-overs, fonts, etc.  All of which is important but later down the line.

Incorporate the mission statement into the website proposal to bring together the key business goals and matches them with the needs of the site users. While inspirational in nature, like its foundational business objectives, each element is attainable and measurable. The mission statement to the right has been broken out into its constituent parts. Along side each element, summary information has been provided to further explain the goal and intent embodied within the mission statement text.

Document the implementation imperatives in the website proposal.  Implementation Imperatives essentially define the “rules of engagement” for the new website or the redesign project – while the business objectives define what the site must deliver and the audience prioritization defines who the site is intended for, the implementation imperatives define how the content and functionality must be delivered. They include design constraints, usability requirements and desired tangible benefits the site must deliver upon.

Summarize the success measures in your website proposal.   Success Measures are the definition of a performance measurement plan that will document how to track and measure the website’s success in delivering against users’ needs and the core business objectives. Building a performance measurement plan is an interactive process. As use cases, creative concepts, user experience and technology designs are finalized, the initial list of measurements to the right will be expanded.

The Website Proposal Template is designed for Marketer’s to build an efficient and effective website. The scope of the Website Proposal PowerPoint Template spans establishing clear goals, segmenting audiences types, defining the desired user experience, prioritizing the required features, stating the critical success factors and documenting metrics.

Downloading the PowerPoint template sets your website project up for success by providing a process to establish clear goals, objectives, strategies, tactics and metrics.

Additional Information

Number of Slides 15 Professionally Designed PowerPoint Slides
What Do I Get ▪ 15 slides that include a proven process, compelling graphics and sample text that include: ▪ The website planning process ▪ Setting objectives, deliverables and timeline ▪ Documenting the target audience and building personas ▪ Defining the buyer behavior model and journey board ▪ Creating the brand vision, user experience and conceptual architecture ▪ Setting the feature roadmap ▪ Where to Focus ▪ Enabling processes, critical success factors and success metrics
4.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Website Proposal Template

  1. 4 out of 5

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    The graphics in this template are compelling and something we typically pay $200.00 per slide for and that is the cost of this entire template.

  2. 4 out of 5

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    On average, a marketing person costs the company $100K per year which is $50 per hour. This template has definitely saved more than 4 hours of time so it paid for itself immediately. CFO, Start-up

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