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Annual Plan Template, Market Sizing, Market Assessment, Questions to Ask

  • Annual Plan Process Template
    Annual Plan Template
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    Annual Plan Template


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An Annual Plan Template is designed as a one pager to facilitate the annual planning process and the corresponding annual budget.

The annual plan is of utmost importance as it sets the tone and direction for the new year and that will impact your go to market strategy.

Don’t be caught off guard when building your annual plan by a short planning time-frame or fall into the analysis / paralysis trap of trying to over engineer the planning process.

Instead, focus on the core issues that are relevant to your business and go deep enough to understand the impact on planning and execution.

This one page planning template will streamline the planning process and allow you to all of your time and energy on the right business issues.


Specifically, these are some of the key areas to cover:

  • The Market – Describe the market and the changes in the market over the past year
  • The Value – What are the prevailing business problems, what do customers believe are the relevant use cases and what is the best technological solution for those business problems
  • Strengths – Characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others
  • Weaknesses – Are characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others
  • Opportunities – What, that has not already been accounted for, has a moderate to high probability to positively impact the business
  • Threats – What, that has not already been accounted for, has a moderate to high probability to negatively impact the business
  • Key Assumptions - What are the quantitative and qualitative factors that your plan is built upon
  • Systems, Process & People – What are the systems, processes and / or people that need to be addressed to drive growth
  • Objectives - Document SMART objectives – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound
  • Strategies – How the objectives will be achieved
  • Drivers of Incremental Growth – What are the shifts in demand, technological changes, changes in the go to market strategy, etc. that will drive the incremental growth demanded?
  • Critical Success Factors – List any issues that might hinder the success of the redesign efforts
  • KPIs & Metrics – Document the KPIs and metrics that can be tracked, monitored and managed to achieve objectives

Download the Annual Plan Template to facilitate developing your annual plan. Spend more time focusing on a few things that will have the most impact on driving the business forward.

  • technology_adoption_curve
    Market Sizing Planning Template
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    Market Sizing Planning Template


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Market Size Planning Template

Is your target market large enough to support the financial requirements for the business?

It’s a huge mistake to calculate 1%, or 1/10th of a percent, of a market and declare that to be the organizations revenue.  Every business must calculate the addressable market to understand the total market opportunity.  Next, the addressable market needs to be reduced to determine the served market.  Then, the target market can be identified and finally the beach head strategy that the organization will rally it’s resources around to penetrate and dominate the market can be established.

Download this FREE PowerPoint template to size your market and focus your valuable resources.

The download includes the six PowerPoint slides needed to size your market in a compelling graphical format:

  • Document the US Market Opportunity
  • Establish the Addressable, Served and Target Markets
  • Size the Opportunity for Revenue
  • Apply the Technology Adoption Curve
  • Define Revenue Goals by Market Segment
  • Project Revenue Based on Market Penetration
  • An Image Depicting a Marketing Assessment Framework
    Marketing Assessment Template
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    Marketing Assessment Template


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Marketing Assessment Template

Download this FREE Marketing Assessment Template to build a pragmatic plan to improve the Marketing organizations ability to execute.

In order for Marketing to continue to provide value to the organization, it is imperative for the organization to constantly improve people, process, systems, execution, strategy and vision. A logical and fundamentally solid approach to improvement requires determining where you are and where you want to be. The crux of this approach is dependent upon defining point A and the steps and that is where a Marketing Assessment will add value.

There are 5 stages or states that describe how reliable and frequently the actions, practices and processes employed generate the required outcomes–at a minimum, the model provides a common language, framework and ranking process. The five levels, or rankings, of the model include:

  • Level 1 – Ad hoc
  • Level 2 – Repeatable
  • Level 3 – Defined
  • Level 4 – Managed
  • Level 5 – Optimized

Each area identified (row in the spreadsheet), should be evaluated against six criteria:

  • Current State: level or ranking that best describes the state of this attribute today.
  • Desired State: level or ranking that best describes where you would like to be.
  • Gap: the delta between the Desired State and Current State.
  • Dependencies; what is required, at a high level, to move from Current to Desired State.
  • Investment: what resources (people, time, money) need to be applied to facilitate the movement.

Downloading this FREE Market Assessment Template and completing the matrix produces a spider diagram that is useful in summarizing the current state, desired state and investment required for moving from point A to point B.

  • Questions-to-Ask-When-Building-GTM-Plans
    Questions to Ask When Building Go-to-Market Plans
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    Questions to Ask When Building Go-to-Market Plans


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Questions to Ask When Building Go-to-Market Plans

Marketing needs to learn form sales–qualify before offering a solution.

Before jumping into a project, take 10-20% of the time it will take to complete the project to ask questions about what is being asked and why.

Often times, the initial question is not the root problem and solving a request expeditiously only becomes an iterative process by the requestor until they figure out what they really need–sometimes this ends up in a fruitless exercise.

The FREE download, Questions to Ask When Building GTM Plans, is organized around 10 key focus areas:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Is Value Being Delivered
  • Product Marketing
  • Is There a Process to
  • Demand Creation
  • Maximizing Investment
  • Go-to-Market
  • Is the Field Enabled
  • Social Media
  • Value Proposition

Download an review the list of questions so that you are prepared to ask relevant, meaningful questions the next time a topic or request comes up for discussion. Asking good questions will help you navigate to the core of a request so that resources can be efficiently and effectively allocated to provide the desired results without the trial an error approach.